Story Of the Founder

The ambition and dedication of Oud Amber’s founder; on behalf of his late father Sir Mr. Tajul Islam Chowdhury, Mr. Ahmed Kamal Chowdhury is the driving force behind what is now a luxury perfume industry. He has led the way on a path of discovery which began in early stage of his life in 1984.

22nd January 1984 to 2004 > with the opportunity of his highly reputed (joint) family, on behalf of his late father, he has since moved on with the prestige and reputation of a luxury retail boutique of his past joint family venture situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Riyadh and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. His sincere leadership credited to the company 2 consecutive years of best oriental perfumes award 2002 & 2003 from government of Dubai UAE, and successfully expanded the span to many including “Marina Mall Abu Dhabi & Dubai Mall, Dubai” with addition of prestigious investment in properties like Dubai Marina & recently in the hospitality industry with The Address Opera in Downtown near Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

2004 to 2015 > His passion for the world of Oud (Agarwood) and perfumery took him, quite literally, to a different journey.

Ahmed Kamal Chowdhury was fascinated by the magical natural aroma of Miracle Oud (Agarwood) a black gold of natural forest. He could see the way people reacted to its oldest historical health friendly natural aroma and perhaps most importantly, he recognized the potential demand on a world-wide scale.

Beside the existing retail business, he started a solo and an extended journey to vast forest countries such as Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka as well as Malaysia to discover Oud and its essences from the root. After spending a great deal of time in the region, he gained vast and valuable experience in Agarwood (Oud). In 2004, with his wealth of experience, he opened a wholesale office right in the heart of the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and named it “Oud Line” from where he started selling Oud. This venture turned out to be an enormous success; he opened his first boutique flagship store Oud Line in Kuala Lumpur on 2006. Soon after, he successfully added other branches as well as own factory producing the best natural miracle fragrance of the earth called the “Dehn Oud”.

In late 2015, due to internal administrative differences he left (joint) family business of Dubai the King of Gaharu LLC and opened a corporate office of “Oud Line” in Dubai with a dedicated team of his brothers Ahmed Ifjal Chowdhury (Director, Deputy Chief admin) and Ahmad Imran Chowdhury (Director, Branding & Marketing) by giving it the name of “Oud Amber”. Due to the customers’ demands of fine quality wild Oud as well as Dehn Oud, he has opened up the luxury chain of boutique stores and named the new retail elite chain as “Oud Dubai Trading LLC.”.

Since November 2015 he has signed up for luxury boutique stores in Dubai including “Nakheel Mall” which is scheduled to be launched by first half of 2019, and “The Pointe” which is scheduled to be launched by 2nd half of 2018, in the eighth wonder of the World the noble Palm Jumeirah Island (Nakhlat Jumeirah) with its master developer NAKHEEL GROUP. And three more including the “Deira Mall & Dragon Mart 2” to be signed up by the year, 2017 & 2018 respectively.

In his expedition for knowledge and perfection, Ahmed Kamal Chowdhury travelled to all corners of the earth where Oud and Perfumeries exists; such as France, Switzerland, Germany along with other European countries who homes perfume productions and for Oud - Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and so on to hone his craft and to forge lifelong relationships with the Oud hunters and growers. Researching, discovering & hunting for this black gold called “Oud” the miracle incense and creating exceptional different fragrances out of it is one of his main hobby, mission & passion.