• Oud Amber / Oud Dubai

    “Expertise since 1984”

    Oud Dubai is a rising name with the finest royal quality of Miracle Oud (the black gold, the natural Agarwood incense), Dehn Oud (the most expensive natural perfume of the world) and many other royal grades of modern, contemporary and splendid oriental aroma.

    Who We Are?

    With the recent exit from our ex-company (of joint family business - a retail chain of around 33 years) KING OF GAHARU LLC., with the expertise since 1984, with “OUD LINE Sdn. Bhd.” in the pocket, we have established our dream project the “OUD DUBAI” with first signed showroom in the eighth wonder of the World, the noble Palm Jumeirah Island (Nakhlat Jumeirah) “The Nakheel Mall” Dubai, as our 1st luxury retail boutique chain under our corporate company “OUD AMBER.”. The group is proudly owner of three brands, which are; OudMiracle® for Oud products, OudDubai® for Elite products & AromaTrix® for Premium products.

    We are specialized for the most sought natural miracle incense “the Oud” the black gold of natural forest, and “Dehn Oud” the most unique, the most expensive natural aroma of the world. Oud Dubai proudly holds the only brand name for the natural Miracle Oud up to date is the “OudMiracle®”, the registered trademark of our company for branding the natural Oud.

    What Is Our aim?

    With the theme of introducing an elite class boutique chain, focusing on high grades of natural miracle incense the “Oud”, the most valuable and unique perfume in the World, to provide the “Dehn Oud” and their respective products to the royal/elite class customers throughout the Gulf region and soon to expand to other central location of the World. Our next 5 years’ plan starting from 2019; we aim to remark with our exclusive boutique outlets in every central location of the Gulf region and in addition, another two in busiest tourist city of London as well as in Paris.

    Why Oud Dubai?

    Our Brand “OudMiracle®” is the only brand up to date for the natural Miracle Oud. We have also taken our oriental perfumes and oils, sourced and blended from the finest ingredients, to international markets, gaining many loyal fans over the years. As well as our extensive range of retail perfumes, “OUD DUBAI” under the umbrella of “OUD AMBER” has created many unique blends for international celebrities and royalty. Today our customers range from Gulf, Middle-east, Europe, America as well as Australasia.

    The most highly prized ingredient of a perfumer’s palette, Oud is said to be the first pure natural incense found on earth, dating back to ancient civilizations.

    Using our wealth of experience, and experts at hand, we strive to bring a magical and divine experience to our customers, educating them on the mystical properties of this rare ingredient and its ancient tradition.

    Bespoke to specification – made to order.