Why We Slogan: One World-One Nation-Love Each Other

The biggest and universal truth is, world is one, all human beings are indeed from one root, all the messenger’s core mission has been for call for justice, peace & unity. We born in different country and ethnicity, is never by our choice. Our leadership is the heaviest responsibility, whether build the present and future of generations or crash. Hence, instead of spreading curse of hatred, we spread the message of love.

Human are super creation, we are smarter; we have reached to the moon and beyond. Nevertheless, we continue missing to understand the core fact and that is justice, peace, love and unity. Therefore, simply we say; one world, one nation & love each other.

Morals; mission for peace, love each other, work for justice, speak the truth, avoid hurting, respect the creations of God, be obedient to God our creator and afraid from final judgment after the death.